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This page is currently being updated. 

School Starts Aug. 10 - for all students!

Aug. 10-20: Distance Learning Days via [email protected]

Aug. 21: Students who selected Face-to-Face instruction report to campus

Please view OCPS Website for updates on School Reopening Plan
OCPS School Reopening Plan Link

Click on the picture above to view the School Reopening Options. 

Parents/guardians can now make their choice of instructional model for their children by completing a registration for each child. 
To maximize safety efforts, OCPS encourages parents/guardians to select the OCPS [email protected] model, if they are able to keep their child at home.

Downloadable at-a-glance overview of all three instructional models. 
Click here to see Frequently Asked Questions. 


School is scheduled to start Friday, August 21, however, the school board agreed to seek a waiver from the state to allow local discretion regarding the start date of school, based on local data. 

Click here to download the school supply list