Delayed Dismissal Procedures

Delayed Dismissal
The District’s Delayed Dismissal Weather procedures requires that when lightning is within a certain distance, a delayed dismissal procedure must be activated. Students will not be dismissed until 30 minutes has passed from the last sound of thunder, or until lightning is no longer within the radius.

In the event we enter into a Delayed Dismissal, all parents/families may either wait in the parent-pick up line until the 30 minutes has passed and we resume standard dismissal process, or park their vehicles, and walk to the front office to check their student(s) out. We will put the call out through School Messenger, our social media accounts, as well as our visibile school marquee.

During Standard Dismissal:

Parents, please enter with your car tag visible.
If you don’t have your car tag, you will be required to pull aside from the line and do an ID check.
A staff member will call your name and assign you a number.
You will pull all the way forward to that number and wait for us to load your child.
Once your child is loaded, remove your tag from the dashboard and wait until you are dismissed and all students are loaded in that round.

REVISED Delayed Dismissal:

All walkers will go out the far South door, which is the standard door. Walker families, please bring identification for safety purposes.
PreK will dismiss as usual.

Grades 2-5 will be in their specified classrooms and will exit from classrooms through Four Corners Middle Entrance once they are called.
Parents must be waiting in line on the sidewalk while we call their students, preferably with their car rider tag. Please be patient, staff will be matching backpack tags with car tags. Safety is our priority.

Grades K-1 will be located in the Cafeteria (with older siblings). Parents must wait for them in line by the front office door and we will bring your students to you, preferably with your car tag. Please be patient, staff will be matching backpack tags with car tags. Safety is our priority.

SIBLINGS will be with the youngest sibling. Example, if you have a 1st grader and a 4th grader- both of your scholars will be picked up from the front office, as all K-1 student will be held in that location.

If ANY families of any grade, do not have a tag, the parent must go to the front office to complete ID Check
Parking lot during delayed dismissal:
Please pull around and wait until space is clear for you to park in front of the ten numbered poles, then go to your designated doors WITH your car tag. After a space is cleared, another car may pull up to exit their vehicle and go to their designated door- 4-corners door. 
You may also park in the parking lot if you are able to do so.

Reminders: Be mindful in the parking lot, as we will not be able to have staff directing the normal flow of traffic due to safety regulations.