Delayed Dismissal

OCPS Delayed Dismissal and Emergency School Closings

Protocols for delayed dismissal - if families want to pick up their child when we are in a lightning delay- you must now park in a parking spot and come to the front office with either car tag or Identification to sign them out. They will then be released from 4 corners middle main entrance. We encourage you to park and wait - however if you cannot - according to new policy, you must exit your vehicle and sign your child out from the front office. You sign out with Ms. Nguyen by showing either your ID or your Car Tag (faster) and then walk to 4 corners (middle main entrance) to retrieve your child.  We realize this may take longer- but safety is priority.

(The only students dismissing from the bus loop are pre- k and families of walkers- who will need identification or walker tags to sign out.) Parents of walkers and pre-k & siblings must present identification and then they may be dismissed from walker doors.

Everyone else must come and sign out from front office.

Thank you for understanding the importance of safety.